Blutip provides smarter fuel management insights for operators of high-horsepower diesel engines around the globe. Blutip SmartRView can help you lower fuel consumption throughout your mine operations and provides up to10X more accurate data about fuel consumption to enable better operational decision-making. Blutip also has sales and engineering personnel on three continents to back our SmartRView technology with exceptional service.

Born of a desire to help mining, construction, and power generation customers effect a digital transformation of their businesses to lower costs, increase productivity, and reduce risk, Blutip is helping lead the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) revolution. Using cloud technology, Blutip’s SmartRView solutions connect your diesel equipment to your control center, wherever that may be.

Our data analytics suite enables smarter operational decisions. That data produces insights that help our customers reduce costs, make better procurement decisions about fuel additives and lubricants, proactively schedule equipment maintenance, and modify driver behaviours.

Unlike other site monitoring technologies, however, Blutip does not simply report and monitor various equipment conditions based on IIOT sensor readings. The Blutip SmartRView platform is the only fuel management solution which precisely measures fuel consumption and provides real-time engine control to optimize fuel savings and reduce carbon footprint. 

In an environment of decreased returns, lower prices, and reduced profitability, investing in innovation can be challenging. Blutip SmartRView helps meet this challenge through its low monthly pricing, which averages about $500 USD per month, per equipment asset.

Getting started is simple. Just tell us how many units you need and a little bit about your operation, and we'll send you a quote.