SmartRView enables end-to-end business improvement initiatives in the following areas:

Each drop of diesel fuel has both a caloric and informative value. The latter of which is seldom mined, and even less often exploited.
— Kevin Dagenias, CEO Blutip

February 2019- National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC IRAP)

“Blutip Secures Government of Canada Funding for Fuel Informed Mine Analytics”



Headquartered in Canada, Blutip has established itself as a leader in fuel management solutions for international mining and petrochemical companies. Relying on accurate real-time fuel measurement, Blutip’s SmartRView platform provides novel insights into one of the largest operating expenditures- diesel fuel

Blutip holds the philosophy that the first step towards improved diesel efficiency is establishing a relationship between fuel consumption and mining activity. For this reason, Blutip have developed the tools and services to define this relationship, and empower meaningful business improvement.

Business improvement opportunities enabled by high accuracy fuel measurement and analytics in mining are substantial and immediate. Blutip is committed to the development and evolution of these tools and the success of our subscriber base. We are actively seeking engagement with professionals who recognize the fundamental importance of these insights and are prepared to
be a force for data driven change in their organizations. There is
powerful information locked inside your fuel, don’t just burn it.