Viva Energy Australia is the exclusive licensee of Shell products in Australia. Viva Energy was formed by two industry leaders, energy and petrochemical giant Shell, and Vitol, the world’s largest independent energy trading company. Viva Energy employs over 2,000 people and benefits from 110 years of local Australian experience.

The Blutip SmartRView performance measurement platform was deployed at a Viva Energy-supplied site in order to quantify the efficiency gains attributable to Shell’s Diesel Extra formulation. Blutip instrumented a fleet of haul trucks with high-precision, cloud-connected fuel measurement equipment and characterized key attributes of each mining haul cycle. Upon completion of the deployment, Blutip used linear regression analysis to model the efficiency impact of fueling with Shell Diesel Extra.

SmartRView is a cloud-based data streaming and analysis unit that provides more accurate data for operational decision-making. It enables remote monitoring and logging, remote control of operations, internet-based analysis and statistical reporting. Among other measures, Blutip provides information that enables fuel use reconciliation, fuel cost forecasting, improved mine road design, operator improvement initiatives, better informed procurement decisions and predictive maintenance.