SmartRView- CASE STUDY- Maintenance

SmartRView platform enables mining professional to improve their maintenance strategies. A refined maintenance strategy including total fuel burn can reduce unnecessary maintenance while avoiding unplanned failures.  Consider the benefit of eliminating a single unnecessary preventive maintenance event per asset per year. 

How was SmartRView developed?

How was SmartRView developed?

Blutip first entered the mining space with a fuel-injection remapping service.  To demonstrate and quantify the efficiency benefits attributable to this re-mapping, team members purchased, ruggedized and deployed fuel measurement and data collection equipment.  The combination of high-precision real-time fuel measurement data, haul truck operational metrics and detailed statistical analysis allowed Blutip to successfully quantify attributable savings in the range of 2-5%.  While the approach was reasonable for deployments of limited time and scale, the undertaking was extremely expensive, and equipment would typically fail within 6-months of commissioning.  Despite this, customers and third-party vendors, most notably large petrochemical companies began to engage Blutip to perform similar efficiency impact assessments unrelated to Blutip product (Premium diesels, Synthetic lubricants etc.)

Ever wonder what is behind Blutip's SmartRView data?

SmartRView Fuel meters yield accuracy and repeatability that outperform ECM fuel use models by as much as 10X (1000%).  This measurement accuracy and the related data collection strategies, are fundamentally important to enabling high value business improvement use case execution.