Blutip Invests in Analytics, Adds Dr. David Reid as Chief Data Scientist

News Release- March 2019

Blutip Investing in Analytics, Adds Dr. David Reid as Chief Data Scientist

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March 12, 2019 – Vancouver Canada- Blutip Technologies Corp., a leader in fuel measurement and analytics, and developer of SmartRView, is excited to announce the addition of Dr. David Reid as chief data scientist. 

Dr. David Reid hold a PhD in theoretical chemistry from the faculty of Physical and Mathematical Science at the Australian National University.  Having successfully pioneered mathematical techniques to approximate the results of nuclear magnetic resonance spectra, he is excited to turn his attention to solving complex problems faced by large mine operators. 

“Working at Blutip is an opportunity to leverage my expertise in data science to make the world a better place. The work that Blutip is doing will lead to more efficient mining operations and a lower carbon footprint.  That is a change I am excited to be part of.” Dr. David Reid.

Blutip’s Chief Data Scientist- Dr. David Reid


Dr. Reid will engage customers on the platform, formulating innovative strategies to enable wide-ranging business improvement opportunities.  His work to inform Blutip’s technology roadmap will be equally impactful as the platform is enhanced to provide organic support for the strategies he develops.

Chief Data Scientist

Dr. David Reid

SmartRView is  a subscription based platform which combines precise fuel  measurement, motion sensing and vehicle network connectivity to inform use-cases relating to: mine operations, maintenance, procurement and mine planning