How was SmartRView developed?

SmartRView Product Origin

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Blutip first entered the mining space with a fuel-injection remapping service.  To demonstrate and quantify the efficiency benefits attributable to this re-mapping, team members purchased, ruggedized and deployed fuel measurement and data collection equipment.  The combination of high-precision real-time fuel measurement data, haul truck operational metrics and detailed statistical analysis allowed Blutip to successfully quantify attributable savings in the range of 2-5%.  While the approach was reasonable for deployments of limited time and scale, the undertaking was extremely expensive, and equipment would typically fail within 6-months of commissioning.  Despite this, customers and third-party vendors, most notably large petrochemical companies began to engage Blutip to perform similar efficiency impact assessments unrelated to Blutip product (Premium diesels, Synthetic lubricants etc.).

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It was in response to these customer requests that Blutip productized SmartRView, and the technology evolved from a sales support tool, to an independent product offering.

Productization was accomplished with care and attention paid to each of the following concerns


The fuel meters, electronics and accessories were redesigned to endure the severity of the mining environment.  These efforts yielded further improvements in areas of in-field serviceability and remote diagnostics.    

Vehicle Network Integration

The collection of equipment, production and diagnostic information was required in addition to high accuracy fuel data to successfully enable the intended set of use cases.

Cost reduction

Blutip partnered with a flow meter manufacturer and leveraged in house expertise in mining grade electronics to create a mining focused product with strong ROI. 

Cloud Connectivity
Data needs to be sampled at key moments of mining activity and subsequently uploaded for analysis and presentation.  A modular architecture allows Blutip to leverage any of cellular, ethernet or WiFi for cloud connectivity.

Development of the Blutip Web Portal

Once collected, fuel consumption, production and efficiency data are made available to customers for interrogation by way of the Blutip web portal.  The portal, discussed at length in later sections, supports hierarchical access to equipment analysis, operator performance and statistical modelling.  Every aspect of the portal has been designed to support a growing set of business improvement objectives.